Beginning Anew

So, I found this wiki recently while in search for an answer about the marker function of Inklewriter, and decided that this really is something that should exist, rather than being abandoned to the dusty corners of the internet and eventually deleted due to lack of use. In order to accomplish that, I hope to get this wiki up to 100% (for those who have never been admins for a wiki, there are certain tasks that are set, and each one you complete adds a certain percent.) by the end of summer. I also am planning on adopting this wiki (becoming the admin) if the Wikia staff agree. I'm not certain if there is anyone else out there who had anything to say or wants to contribute, or if I'm out on my own. The latter seems most likely, seeing as when I searched for users there were only two, and the most recent edit was 2014. However, I hope more users will arrive soon. :)